It’s Christmas Already?

This is in many ways an unexpected post. I’m not going to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year, quite yet, because that would be too soon.

But unfortunately, I am going to have to put a block on any further ‘finished to order’ purchases* with immediate effect, until after New Year – the exception being anything unsold (and postable – two of the machines we are taking are very much ‘collection only’) from after the Shepton Show on the 11th December. And since I don’t know what I’m taking yet, I’d hate to make a guess at what I’m bringing back ;). If you can see things in the store that are apparently still available to purchase, that’s because they are in stock and can still be sent out as normal.

This has all come about after a variety of other commitments, family visits, a rare small holiday next week booked before I knew we were doing the show or an ongoing degree course (don’t ask – and no, it’s not an MA in the Sociological Aspects of Vending Machines in Canada), which have all conspired against me.

This is on top of a rush last week of non-show related orders, which possibly should as come as no surprise as we’re often busy this time of year. But there you go – I’ll still yet to update the previous post on what stock we are likely taking to Shepton and of course update things again when we come back.

*Don’t panic if you’ve already ordered something – that’s absolutely fine – you WILL get it within the time frame already agreed!