Dearth Notice

Well, it was always coming, I thought I had spotted some ‘test’ bars in Aldi / Lidl over the summer. It just took nearly 20 years longer than its 4 fingered cousin. So here it is, no more foil wrapped bars from now on.

Plastic wrapping is here to save the planet!

Some of our previous customers may need some minor assistance from us to keep their KitKat machines working, though more recent KitKat machines, especially LocWil, will only need the addition of a weight which we are now already providing, and always have for the likes of Milky Way and Mars etc… I’m obviously a little sad (it’s been noted before) that this is probably the last link to traditionally wrapped confectionery left that’s now gone*. Donations to Robert Opie, no flowers please, not even Roses, which have sadly also headed in the same flow wrapped direction.

*Update – slight overhype – ROLO and POLO are pretty much still wrapped the way they always were, ROLO particularly.