It’s Black Friday…

…and we don’t care 😉

What we DO care about though is that we will be making our debut appearance at the Shepton Mallet Giant Flee Market on Sunday on the 11th of December, which is held at the Royal Bath & West Showground, near Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

I really should be on BBC3

Shepton Mallet being famous of course for… well actually, it was the town that hosted the first lager brewery in the UK, although sadly the former Anglo Brewery building itself is thought to be ‘at risk’ 🙁 Cider and Babycham production continues, however, but has been a bit of an on/off affair the last few years.

There is also the huge former prison that, with planned conversion to trendy(?) flats stalling yet again is now semi-permanently a temporary tourist attraction to rival Alcatraz*, and it’s the closest town to the Glastonbury Festival, which if you believe the link nearly flatlined in the early 90’s were it not for a Mr. Gurvitz. Well worth watching. [The trailers parting line “It wasn’t possible to carry on like that – we nearly destroyed ourselves, and each other.” sounding ordinarily like the usual kind of post production hype, but in this case more than likely true].

Clarks used to make shoes there too, but like many former factories it’s now a giant Tesco, and not even a good one like this one in Perivale (formerly, a Hoover factory).

Though, when the frozen chips are down, I prefer the light and airy interior of the Shepton branch.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a Polaroid / JCB / Frigidaire / TeaMaster2000 / insert-licenced-brand-name-here cheap and nasty ‘70% off’ TV, but instead here’s a promise; our prices at the show will be around 10% lower than the website where appropriate, and we’ll be taking all credit cards inc. offering ClearPay plans. So, for reading this far, callers at the show can get an extra 5% off the usually haggle-free prices by quoting the phrase ‘I AM BORED, WHAT MACHINES DO YOU HAVE?’.

And the answer to that is – I don’t know, not quite yet. I am hoping we will have a LocWil Polo machine, a dual column Poppets machine that’s slightly different to the ones we’ve sold previously, and a single column Poppets machine that will probably be a true one-off. Smarties? We’ll see Bernard. A one-off Turkish Delight LocWil? If it doesn’t sell, you’ll see it here. KitKat and Milky Way LocWils are guaranteed. I will hopefully post a little update closer to the time, although it’s scarily close.

Here’s the lineup from yesterday’s workshop session so far;

A nice selection of LocWil’s, even if I say so myself!

…and more to come!