Other companies we rate – a short series (2/2)

Another small company we’d like to tell you about is Made.in.Garforth, run by Nick and Annie.

Here’s a sample of their work;

Rose Cottage Vintage sign by Made.in.Garforth, made for our office.

They’ve been supplying us with various practical and novelty parts for the business, practical as in many of the ‘magazines’ you’ll find in more recent machines are from themselves (as the machines we buy in are often unsuitable as-is for current, modern products) and novelty as in some light-up perspex branding. Nick states that “we appear to be keeping Made.In.Garforth a secret as we have no idea how to make people aware of us.” – so we thought we would try and help!

Nick describes the business like this;

“My name is Nick, I bring the tech’ to the mix; my wife, Annie brings everything that I’m lacking and a bit more for good measure. We like to make stuff with acrylic and fibreboard (MDF or HDF) and imagination.

We use a flatbed CNC Laser to cut and engrave a range of materials but we generally focus on just two. Perspex (Acrylic) and Medite (MDF) as we believe these to be the best quality brands for these materials. Everything that we make is designed by us using a variety of CAD & drawing software packages. We have a soft spot for technically challenging or unusual projects and relish the opportunity to accept a challenge.

We make edge-lit signs, a range of structures for model railway projects, promotional product containers, seasonal corporate gifts, fancy boxes, boxed awards, silly keyrings, Halloween and Christmas decorations, Nightlights etc.”

Nick adds that in his previous lives, he built big, important machines and critical systems that made real differences in people’s lives – it was during this time he met and later married Annie who until then was working all over the world. Now, he hopes that he has left that responsibility & stress behind and just makes interesting stuff ‘that is of little or no importance’… and loves it!

“I know that it sounds like a sales-oriented cliché, but we really try to give genuine value for money and develop products that are honest and have integrity. Every time I allow an order to leave the workshop, I feel that there must have been something else, something that I’ve missed, some improvement that could have been made.”

And we can completely agree with that (apart from the ‘something missed’ bit!) – the attention to detail, and time or money saving suggestions that have been made are invaluable, and although we’ve obviously given the basic designs as a commission it’s the alterations and tweaks made that make the items we’ve received back way above average.

If you have a requirement for any of the above, visit the eBay shop, or website – described by Nick as “barely a work in progress” but showcasing some of their work. They just seem to enjoy making interesting stuff! You can also send them a message to nick @ madeingarforth.com – remembering to remove the ‘anti-spam’ spaces.