New machines, new finds!

LocWil Catalogue Page

This month with the final touches being put to the new workshop and packing area, we set off for quite honestly the first time in 18 months to actually collect a large amount of machines in person.

Not such a surprise when you head out to collect a number of Locwil T79 single drawer vending machines that this was exactly what was presented to us. They’d often had a variously tough life like so many machines and some had been subjected to more repaints than the Forth Bridge and others had as many stickers applied over their lifetime they probably once weighed half as much!

From the Locwil Catalogue, circa 1969

So once we’d loaded up, I realised that in addition to a handy tray of often unused, factory correct nuts and bolts, four of the machines looked very different to the others;

It looks as if they have never been used. They came without front doors – these, we will have to use the best of the second hand ones we purchased, fully repainted, likewise the drawer units we will fit the best of the best used parts. But for authenticity we won’t repaint these four new looking back cabinets before we apply the decals. The bolts, brackets and fittings are all the correct period parts that have aged only as much as metal parts stored in the same boxes for twenty plus years will do so.

Other than that, look out for 4 ‘almost factory new’ Locwil KitKat machines ready for you before Christmas 2021…