Happy New (Random) Year!

Lest this blog become no more than a puff piece for Big Kitchenalia* one of the more interesting presents I was incredibly lucky to receive this year was an ice cream maker, from the usually more blender orientated Magimix where we use the 4200XL (mid-range all the way in this household!).

One of my more flippant moments when I was starting up Rose Cottage was to sell my lovely (results, not aesthetically) ‘yellow button model’ Gaggia Gelateria which seems to be a facelifted version of a model they’ve been selling since the early 1980s – though no more, sadly. It seems a variety of takeovers (are Saeco-Gaggia really still owned by Philips? – Nope!) have meant them divesting that particular product line forever.

The original 1980s model Gelateria
The Gaggia 74500N Gelateria and its replacement the Gaggia RI9101/08 Gelateria

(Something missing from the original was an English manual so in the event you’re looking for one, it’s very simple, and here you go;)

Why this strange diversion into ice cream? Well, it won’t be long before spring, which incidentally is when we will be properly back into action – until then we have a couple of special projects, and one-off machines, so we will be here and a few new machines will come out. I’m pleased to say that as of today, we managed to sell all our intended Flea Market stock by mail order, so can’t be any more pleased that we turned that situation around. Here’s to the best 2023 we can make it – Happy New Year.

*“Is that a word? It is now!”