Last Orders

It’s the 22nd December (2022!) and a quick reminder that if you’ve been through life without routinely watching ‘Bernard and The Genie‘ every Christmas since 1991, you’re only 31 years late to the party, and there’s plenty of time to make up for it. As a bonus, no bore is writing essay length posts on how it ‘isn’t a Christmas film’, or if they are, they haven’t watched it. (It’s also available on BritBox, but I swear they have just cadged their streaming version from the same old OTA VHS as the Y/T link!)

Apropos of nothing 🙁 although we can’t guarantee anything, an order made today, the 22nd, might have a chance of pre-Xmas arrival if we use UPS. (That’s it – it’s now the 23rd and we are closed for Christmas!)

We will be closing on the 24th and would like to wish all customers, blog readers and future machine owners a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’ll be back at the end of January after an extended winter break, though any machines ready for sale now, and a couple of others, will be available for dispatch as usual until then.