SOLD – Poppets Self-Serve Single Column Vending Machine


This Poppets Dual Column Vending Machine set up in ‘Toffee’ Red is currently set to sell Poppets, in the classic 40g boxes.



Sold, no more expected 🙁

This Poppets Single Column Vending Machine, set up in ‘Toffee’ Red is currently set to sell a random stack of Toffee, Mint, Raisin, Orange or any Poppets boxes you can find out there, in the classic 40g boxes. We supply a random mixture of 12 boxes to get you started!

The machine dimensions are 760mm high, 155mm deep, and 170mm wide approximately.

This machine is made by Self-Serve, it’s a classic and is unusual that it uses a clever system of retaining the box above the one being vended – slightly over-engineered in many ways but reliable and novel!

Accepts a single pre-1992 10p coin, which cannot easily be adjusted – we supply enough coins to get you started!

This one really is a one off, so could be the only single Poppets machine we sell for some time?