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Based in Weston-super-Mare, we buy, sell, and restore vintage mechanical, and occasionally electronic, single or twin product vending machines, the sort of old fashioned machines you used to commonly find outside the corner shop or on the platform at the railway station. Why not come and have a look around, at our shop and our blog?


  1. [This comment was updated in May 2023 to reflect new ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) and FSA (Financial Conduct Authority) guidance]

    As an alternative to cash or card payment, we offer Clearpay – Shop now. Pay later. Always interest-free.

    Clearpay lends you a fixed amount of credit so you can pay for your purchase over 4 instalments, due every 2 weeks. Ensure you can make repayments on time. You must be 18+ and a permanent UK resident (excl Channel Islands). Clearpay charges a £6 late fee for each late instalment and a further £6 if it’s still unpaid 7 days later. Late fees are capped at £6 for orders under £24 and the lower of £24 or 25% of the order value for orders over £24. Missed payments may affect your ability to use Clearpay in the future and your details may be passed onto a debt collection agency working on Clearpay’s behalf. Clearpay is credit that is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. T&Cs and other eligibility criteria apply at clearpay.co.uk/terms

  2. And so, we’ve ‘moved’ again. The new host currently has our site running 4-5 times faster than our old one and this makes uploading pictures and articles a pleasure whereas sometimes it could be a chore. Even though our online shop always worked quite well, it will be great to finally launch the KnowledgeBase properly now it should actually run properly! I won’t name our old hosts but they suddenly announced we had 45 days to move or face a doubling of our charges. We got this information at day 42 because the email they supposedly sent did not arrive – an invoice for one of their services did, of course, which is how I noticed the bold red text. Farewell old provider – you won’t be missed.

    In case you’re interested, we are now with StablePoint who kept their promise to move all our sites databases and content for free and on the same day!

  3. We had hoped to bring you some new articles and a couple of new machines this week, but as we are on the cusp of moving servers, I am holding off any big updates until I know it’s all gone to plan! See you soon with The KitKat Story – A Vending Perspective and TWO new Poppets machines!

  4. Sorry to anyone still waiting to see any more clearance machines – although the new workshop and stores are more or less up and running, one bonus is that the storage is slighter more amenable to fitting large numbers of machines in than I had imagined – so unfortunately we will be side-lining any special projects e.g. clearance and one-offs until next year due to the Xmas rush.

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