The ‘Ever Open Shop’ at the Automat

Introducing an opportunity to own [Sorry, SOLD!] a great example of a class of machines that appeared with great fanfare, but pretty much disappeared just like the Automat itself that seems to have inspired the design.

We’re We were pleased to be able to offer one of these machines [now sold!], the one above was made by Turbon in Germany, but we really can’t find anything more than that on the company itself. Working on 2 shillings, or a florin, this machine was obviously destined for the UK from new.

Many of these machines were also imported to the UK from Nordic / Scandinavian countries and also direct from the USA.

Here’s a similar machine in the USA – selling lamps!

An ‘Ever Open Shop’ in the USA being filled with lamps

The Automat concept, however, lives on in the Netherlands where there are a couple of chains still in existence, the largest being ‘FEBO‘.

A ‘FEBO’ hot snack Automat