SOLD – Turbon Multi-Vending 7 Slot ‘Ever Open Shop’


This ‘Turbon’ ever open shop can vend up to 7 items, completely of YOUR choosing!

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SOLD – Sorry, but we are highly unlikely to get one of these machines again 🙁 but if we do, we’ll list them here!

This machine is unique in that YOU choose the contents – food, hardware, books, anything that fits in the slot! 7 slots are available, all opened by inserting a 2 shilling coin of which 8 or so are supplied.

IMPORTANT – This machine is for home use only. The case lock DOES NOT WORK with a key, just use any flat bladed screwdriver on the lower lock, though the locks could be replaced if you wish – there seems no need for a home machine. There is a small crack to the glass in the top compartment, which has been there for years, it doesn’t affect the use and the pane isn’t about to fall out.

This is a German ‘Turbon‘ machine, of which I can find very little information on the web, though suffice to say it was made for the UK specifically – or specially imported – as the denomination of one 2 shilling coin, or florin, has obviously been done at the factory and isn’t some sort of after conversion. The light has been replaced by an LED one – you can still see the old ‘choke’, which we have left for future historians to ponder over – and a transformer is supplied. The machine looks pretty amazing lit up, however, the lamp is the only thing that needs electricity and is 100% optional to plug in.

Dimensions are 32cm wide, 21cm deep, approx. 75cm tall – it’s very heavy and must be secured properly to the wall. Each compartment is approx. 16 x 16cm, 7cm high.

Accepts a single 2 shilling coin, clearly designed to be adjusted but we do not have any instructions on this and suggest you don’t attempt to do so 🙂