Fresh machines in just 2 calories!

Tic Tac Machine

The website might only be a week old as I write this, but here, proudly, is our new Tic-Tac (or tic-tac, or tictac, hard to tell!) machine. No, sorry, not quite ready to buy yet, but definately on sale in time for Christmas. This one is probably up to revenue service, should you choose*, or just a fun item for the home. We’re still not decided whether to turn that black text green or not – we’ll have a think about it…

These machines are quite compact, and you’ll notice the lack of a handle. Battery powered modern rubbish? Not quite! These use a clockwork mechanism; dropping the coin triggers the mechanism so no handle or drawer to jam. They do need winding up – but only every 3 or so complete fills of the machine, so plenty of ‘power’ to last!

tic-tac machine from Rose Cottage Vintage

And yes, we probably do need a better place to take our photos 😉

*Sorry but although some of our newer machines are probably just fine for such revenue and commercial service, all our items are sold as antiques and collectables for domestic use.