SOLD – Cadburys Sultana Chocolate Vending Machine – in purple or metallic blue


Cadburys Sultana Chocolate Vending Machine – currently set to widely available 30g bars. This is a 1970s ‘Barber Weston’ Machine.

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Cadburys Sultana Chocolate Vending Machine – currently set to widely available 30g bars.

This machine comes in Purple or the original Metallic Blue, as used by Cadbury themselves.

Fancy a different decal? Bar Six, Sultana, Whole Nut, Wispa, Dairy Milk? Just ask, though we don’t sell them separately, sorry!

This is a 1970s ‘Barber Weston’ Machine, made here in Weston-super-Mare as it happens, with decals appropriate to the late 70’s, to mid 80’s era.

Accepts new £1 coin. Mechs are fixed to New £1 and cannot be changed. However, do bear in mind that these mechs were never intended for non-round coins and so every now and again, you might feel the coin ‘catch’ as you turn the handle – all you need to do is stop turning, then carry on as this turns the coin around a little, you’ll still get your chocolate!

Lightly refurbished by us, but intended as a novelty and not for commercial placement, for use as a home money box etc…

Please don’t expect perfection – these machines may be refurbished but we don’t shot blast the metal cabinets down to nothing, they will previously have had a tough life in public – the pictures shown are of previous machines sold which will be very similar to current stock, expect dents, scratches, and some very minor surface rust on ‘hidden’ parts – this patina only adds to the charm in our opinion!

Please note that as these machines are designed for home use, they do not usually lock out the coin insert when empty, though if you wanted to make a ‘weight’ with a rod to activate they would as the mechanism is usually (but not always) there. These machines work with the current Dairy Milk bars as sold by stores for pennies. The idea being, that savings are encouraged by putting your £1 coins into the box for something that’s only about 20p to buy, and you get to have a bit of fun at the same time. Also note that incorrectly sized or rejected coins in fact end up in the coinbox, not reject coins slot.

What’s nice about these machines though, is that they were originally supplied with adjustable column guides, so you can change them to vend a wide variety of other bars, such as Wispa or Topic.

Locks are brand new and 3 keys are supplied.

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