Smarties Tubes ‘SlimJim’ Dual Column Vending Machine


This Smarties ‘SlimJim’ Dual Column Vending Machine set up in striking Blue is currently set to sell Smarties in the current cardboard hexagonal tubes.

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This Smarties ‘SlimJim’ Dual Column Vending Machine, set up in fetching Blue is currently set to sell modern hexagonal cardboard tubes of Smarties. We supply 8 tubes to get you started!

The machine dimensions are 700mm high, 90mm deep, and 330mm wide approximately – hence the ‘SlimJim’ moniker.

It is made of high impact ABS plastic, not metal, so is tough but lightweight, ideal for mounting on a stud wall.

This machine is electro-mechanical and requires a battery pack (which uses household ‘C’ cells) which is supplied. Lock has two keys.

Accepts a single current £1 coin, which cannot easily be adjusted.

For now this is a one two off, but we might have more later depending on the market.