Shepton Preview

Here it is, a full rundown of the machines we’re taking to the Shepton Giant Flee market at the Bath and West Showground this Sunday 11th December (2022!). And also a couple of hopefully interesting pictures from our trip to the North Devon coast tacked on the end. And a preview of a machine we might take to a spring show tacked on the end of that. First up a little reminder of what we’ve already shown you…

3 Kings joke resisted
Perfectly working, but a long and tricky development means we won’t be doing one like this again soon.
Workshop picture of the new Self-Serve based Poppets machine

Plus we’ve got our LocWil based demo machine to show off, stamp machines, light up signs, and more.

And now, a bit of fun – from Dunster high street. When’s the last time you saw one of these machines? Now on a 20p vend, and to add amusement the dial has been updated to show weight equivalents of various animals!

Meanwhile over in Combe Martin, the more happening of several small towns in the area, the town museum has a nice little mezzanine all about local trade. So it’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to find out much more about this huge chromed cigarette vendor other than assuming it was once found in the town, perhaps at the garage or hotel?

A dramatic looking machine that wouldn’t look out of place in an American automat, but at sixpence a pack, must have been taken out of service quite some time ago.

And finally, a less than ideal picture of a half finished, triple column machine coming next year;

Only one of the chrome effect bezels are fitted, and no decals are presented to show what’s being vended, plus the chrome pin-stripes still need to go on.

That’s all for now, maybe see some of you at the show?