As quiet as a mouse

A large box of 'Hannah's' White Mice candies

We are still here and we’re definitely ‘back for good’ around September time [© Take That 1995]. It’s always best to not make promises you can’t fulfil, so, don’t let that date get set in stone, but when we are back, we have something very special to talk about. That’s not to say we’ve been busy working on some huge ‘special project’ the last 9 months, far from it, but the stars have sort of aligned in other ways allowing us to produce a wooden machine from new but using vintage mechanical parts, based on a very classic design. It’ll be worth the wait!

Something that slowed down but didn’t stop, in the down time is buying machines. I’m pleased to announce that there will be an unexpected, though very limited, revival of the Poppets and Barber-Weston Cadburys machines (the round corner type) when we’re back. See you soon!