KitKat Variations

A recent eBay auction or 20 has showed me just how many different KitKat wrappers there were in the paper era – I wasn’t tempted to buy any though. Paper likely being, a bit like newsprint, presumably quite easy to chop and change as the promotional items, ‘generous’ discounts, and enter-to-win prize draws went on through the years. In fact, seeing this collection it’s hard to believe there were ever more than a few weeks where you’d see a normal plain wrapper! The original pictures are not brilliant, but they give you more than a flavour, we’ve tidied them up where we can. So sit back with a cup of tea and a chocolate wafer biscuit and enjoy… By the way, when I said the other day that the 2 finger Kitkat was almost certainly the last traditionally wrapped confectionary – I was wrong! Rolo continues to be foil wrapped, with a paper outer since 1937.